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reminder that black boys don’t need to be “good boys on the honor roll” for their lives to matter

started playing The Last Of Us yesterday and haven’t done anything else since but go to work and cry because of these fucking Clickers

(NEED) COUCH - [Seattle], Emergency


Hi all,

I feel like im pumping a dry well here, but I just got a new job, am not in a position to rent yet and have until 8/28 to move, roommates are a temp couch surfing arrangement and will not extend beyond that date, it is pretty close to the date agreed upon and It is time to move on.

I was assaulted in a shelter and can’t do those, I need to ask someone really kind for 30-45 days on their couch or in a corner just until I can go rent a room somewhere and really get my life going, all I ask for is internet as I am on my laptop constantly, and frequent bus service, as my job is in Bellevue and may require me to be in early like 7am early.

This is dire, I have only Five (5) days please spread the word… 

For the record I’ve already tried couchsurfing.org, was banned and told it’s a traveler website, reddit, banned for it being against the rules.. I really don’t know what to do, I am so close to overcoming the biggest challenge in my life and I can’t fail now, I need a kind soul to help me not fail as well. 

jobhaver it’s eating corn

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jobhaver it’s eating corn

my girlfriend’s grandmother told my girlfriend today she’s glad she’s overhead the two of us jokingly talk about kids because she loves us as a couple 

she has also said that she hopes my gf and i carry on their christmas traditions

my girlfriend’s grandmother ships us so hard wtf

but i also think #i’m afad/white/middle class/cis/whatever tags are really obnoxious too because 1- we get it and probably already know from your blog and 2- there’s no need to indicate in the tag that you understand the post applies to you too/speaks to an experience you haven’t lived

it’s just another way for people to pat themselves on the back and go, “ah yes i checked my privilege today! aha i’m a good person!” just reblog the post. if you’re reblogging the post i’m gonna assume you thought about the content. your guilt isn’t helping anyone. a lot of tumblr pseudo-radicals talk all day about how they don’t want white guilt/[x] guilt but that’s literally all a #i’m white or #i’m cis or whatever tag does. it’s the tag equivalent of hanging your head down to the ground and saying, “but yknow…what do i know?” say what you believe and if you feel at some point that you’re proven wrong move on. this is a problem created partially by the whole call-out culture thing. people fucking up in minor ways is honestly not a huge deal. some casually racist post on a blogging site by a well-meaning blogger can be handled in two seconds in a private message and it doesn’t mean the blogger needs to be “dragged” or something. pick up, talk to the other person like you think they deserve dignity, and move on. this site can be really absorbing sometimes and people start thinking it’s more important than it is. a 15-year-old making a slightly racist joke is not what’s keeping the black unemployment rate at twice the national average. calm down omg

communistpropaganda replied to your post “i hope you guys know i don’t have a “don’t reblog posts about [x] if…”

there are some situations where thats sketchy as fuck tho, like cis people reblogging “haha cis people suck” posts or gender jokes like. acting like youre not one of ~those~ cis people or making jokes about an oppressed group youre not a part of

yeah but i think people sort of tend to overreact in that sense too. like if a white person reblogs a post about white people’s food tastes or something like that, it’s totally possible that it’s just because they’re able to poke fun at themselves, and i think that’s totally fine. there’s no need to be super somber and serious and bitter about everything all the time and i think the way a lot of people reblog jokes about privileged groups they’re a part of is meant to be self-aware and joking, but they get where it’s coming from. i totally agree that you shouldn’t be actively making jokes about groups you aren’t a part of but that’s because it’s mean, even if you don’t mean it to be. like, making a joke about a marginalized group is just mean. reblogging a joke about a group you’re a part of isn’t mean at all. it’s just poking fun at yourself and saying, “yeah we can be really fucking stupid” and I think that’s very helpful honestly because at least it gets people to acknowledge who they are and what their background is and how it privileges them.

there’s also the matter of context. reblogging a post about how cis people suck doesn’t imply you’re not one of those cis people at all imo. it’s just someone saying, “this is a thing i have enough integrity to acknowledge. i see and acknowledge that cis people in general have a negative effect on trans people in general.” and personally, i’d rather have someone acknowledge it than just skip over those posts and go, “well i’ve just gotta keep my quiet head down and not say anything about anything” yknow? i also think the distinction between “those cis people” and “this cis person” is useless. i’ve talked about this before but i think the whole “this person is x-ist” dialogue is useless and makes us angry at individual behavior instead of systems.

also, if someone is reblogging a post in a mean/mocking way they usually point that out and it’s clear and there’s no real use in fucking with that person because they’re being mean on purpose.if you see someone who thinks binary genders should be it reblogging a “gender of the day” post it’s obviously to make fun of the OP. but if you’re not making fun of someone i think we all need to chill and realize that being white/cis/straight doesn’t mean you can’t ever laugh at how ridiculous white/cis/straight people can be.

i hope you guys know i don’t have a “don’t reblog posts about [x] if you’re from a group benefiting from [x]” rule because i think those are pretty ridiculous (although i think you should respect them bc people usually have them for reasons relating to comfort, not politics, EVEN if i think they’re silly as hell) so like. reblog what you want idgaf 


when people bring up your past


Honestly I find attempts to reduce anarchism, socialism, communism etc to inherently anti-black ideologies is so played out and boring and has no real solid theoretical OR ideological basis and the idea that socialism is anti-black only serves one practical, real-life purpose: it separates black people from movements we’ve been participating in for years and years. And I don’t care if that opinion comes from other black people. The phrase “white anarchist” is generally a straw man type deal that’s intended to be knocked down by saying, “I’m anti-racist!!!!!! Don’t disagree with me because I made a negative statement about white people so WHO CARES if I’m ignoring actual communist people of color?”

As if there is a single ideology that hasn’t been used by anti-black people in anti-black ways before. As if any ideology can’t be warped into racism if you try hard enough. We’ve seen this in the case of black men who turn the language of decolonization into misogyny, commonly called Niggas With Ankhs: “Oh I love my black African queen goddesses and they should all love me back and fuck them if they don’t recognize my black beauty blah blah/ I’m a prince stolen from my land and I deserve a strong black woman by my side blah blah/ I hate queers because queerness is for white people and keeps black men and women apart blah blah.” Doesn’t mean decolonization (a term I don’t know I find all that useful, because it’s super broad, but I’m using here anyway) is inherently a bad thing. It means men can be misogynists. That’s not new. Pretending racist white anarchists are racist because they’re anarchist is short-sighted and takes a big fat dump on the heads of actual black communists trying to work within these movements.


And to be quite honest, we do not care about the Israeli society. We don’t care to humanize or dehumanize them, although the latter is more appropriate. We will never buy into this two-sides two-equal-suffering all-we-want-is-peace bullshit. We don’t want peace with Zionists or with anyone that reaps the profits from a inherently violent jingoistic colonial system.

And this might disappoint you greatly, but we don’t advocate for transitional justice nor do we have the luxury talking about truth and reconciliation when being bombed, fragmented and deprived of our most basic rights. Transitional justice is for white people. We want revenge from the system that stripped us of our humanity.

To the Israeli society in general: Coexistence is not on the agenda. We do not have the time to waste waiting for Israel’s radicals to make a social revolution or convince their society that Zionism sucks. We are not imploring, beseeching, or asking you. We demand an end to the occupation, for you to break out of the prisons you have for minds, and for the love of all things good and holy, end the siege on Gaza.


—Linah Alsaafin and Budour Hassan, Exposing the Israeli Left: On the Issue of Israel’s Radicals (Part Two)  (via redphilistine)